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It is with great sadness that we write to inform you that will be closed with effect from the 30th of September 2023.
It has been our privilege to look after you, our PGP “extended family”, which includes over 30,000 patients during our 28-year history.
Our integrative work has been groundbreaking with some truly remarkable and humbling results for which, I believe, we became quite famous.
I would like to thank past and present patients and staff for your tremendous work as an extended team, together with our network of colleagues throughout the UK.
We have worked very hard to try and ensure a smooth transition for your healthcare.
We hope that the information below will be helpful to you.

Your future medical care

It is important that you have access to your NHS GP or other medical service in future should you need prescription-based medications. We are unable to recommend a medical practice but may be able to signpost you to appropriate support via
If you have special requirements as a past patient please email Responses are not guaranteed and will be discretionary.

How we handle your data

We have a legal duty to inform you of the way we are managing your data. Over the past two or three years, our policy has been to send you copies of all your letters, blood results, and notes from your consultations. Therefore, you should have enough information to provide any new GMC-registered medical practitioner.
Past medical records are held securely. Please send any SARS requests to

PGP still retains the contact data of all patients with an email address. This is with a view to making future contact to advise of any services being provided by PGP going forward. All patients are offered the option of opting out of this and having their contact data removed if they so wish.

Yours in health and happiness.
The PGP Team

Nutritionist and Dietician

Healthy eating and having a good healthy diet can help everyone to lead a healthy life

With our expert nutritionist and dietitian, we really take the time to assess your lifestyle, dietary habits and nutritional needs and work with you to create the best nutritional plan for you.

Benefits of a Tailor-made Nutritional Plan:

  • Transition to a healthy diet that you enjoy for long term well-being
  • Learn to have a healthy relationship with food
  • Know what is best for you to eat and why

Clinical Nutrition

Nutrition plays a big role in building and maintaining your health. We know our patients are all unique and are in different stages of life, with differing needs and schedules. We take a tailored approach and work with you to create nutritional plans to suit your personal needs and lifestyle.

Families with Children

We offer Paediatric Nutritional/Dietetic Support to families of children suffering from conditions such as eczema and lactose intolerance, and also more complex problems such as Fussy Eating.

For families of older children with behavioural and food-related problems we are able to Work in Tandem with our Clinical Psychologists and therapists, to help tackle problems such as teenage obesity and eating disorders, including Bulimia and Anorexia.

Female Patients

We are able to treat patients for fertility-related issues. We can offer patients who are exploring this area a clinical dietetic opinion that Works Alongside any Treatments they are undergoing. With assisted fertility treatments like IVF, the drugs involved can cause some women to develop side-effects such as weight gain and mood changes. We are able to Support Patients in a Non-medical way and enable them to take control of their bodies. As the pregnancy progresses we can help with scenarios such as weight gain, morning sickness, gestational diabetes, anaemia, etc.

With middle aged and older women we can help treat many age-related conditions such as obesity, diabetes, hyperlipidaemias and menopause-related symptoms such as hot flushes and mood changes. Healthy food can play a key role in Enabling Women to Feel Better, whether they’re suffering from Endocrinological Problems such as hypothyroidism or dermatological issues such as acne and urticaria.

Male Patients

We help just as many men as women; our experience includes treating male-related health issues from indigestion to hypertension, depression and loss of libido.

We work with you to help with a wide range of medical symptoms including:

Mental health

For complex psychological problems such as autism and other mental health disorders such as schizophrenia, nutritional therapies can often be effective in helping to reduce symptoms and problems. Often drugs used in treating mental health problems can have side-effects which can benefit from nutritional advice, and it can also be very supportive and empowering for a family with offspring and/or a spouse suffering with mental health issues to have a non-medical therapeutic plan.

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression and other psychological problems can all benefit from nutritional intervention – whether taking medication or preferring a non-medical treatment, the type of food you eat and the way you live your life can have a profound effect on mood and anxiety.


We can treat patients who have problems that reduce their fertility rate, such as polycystic ovary syndrome, as well as people who are undergoing fertility treatments such as IVF and all other assisted fertility procedures. Not only does nutrition play a role in boosting fertility rates in couples, but also fertility treatments often cause other problems such as mood changes and weight gain, which can be very effectively dealt with by changing the way someone eats. We treat not only women but also men, looking at how to improve libido and other fertility and sex-related problems.


As well as dealing with the general questions like, ‘What is good for a pregnant woman to eat and to avoid?’, our nutritionists can deal with problems such as morning sickness, weight gain and tiredness. As well as more complex problem,s such as gestational diabetes and iron deficiency anaemia. We also offer post-birth advice on how women can get back into shape and juggle their own food and nourishment needs with those of their newborn.

Paediatric Services

Our Nutritionist can help with all sorts of paediatric scenarios from lactose intolerance and food allergies/intolerances to failure to thrive and obesity. We see a lot of children with digestive problems, from excess wind and colic to more serious clinical problems like coeliac disease and acid reflux. Changing the way a child eats can also help behavioural problems such as ADHD, autism and depression. Empowering the family of a child with behavioural and physical difficulties to take some control over what the family and child eats can be a great way to work – not only does the patient benefit from specific nutrient-related therapeutic relief, but enabling someone to feel that something positive is being offered can have all sorts of beneficial side-effects.

Obesity and Fussy Eating or Poor Eating

Obesity and fussy eating or poor earing are key areas of interest for our Nutritionist. Together with our psychologists we are able to offer a multidisciplinary approach to what is fast becoming an epidemic. We have experience treating teenagers and young adults as well as children.

Obesity Management

As well as treating the obesity, we can also treat weight-related problems such as joint disorders, hypertension, etc.

Lipid Disorders

Lipid disorders such as hypercholestrolaemia and triglyceride issues can be treated with good nutrition.

Endocrinological Problems

Endocrinological problems such as diabetes mellitus (insulin and non-insulin dependent) and hypothyroidism as well as menopause and other reproductive/sexual hormone imbalances can be treated with good nutrition.

Tiredness and Chronic Fatique Symptons

Tiredness and chronic fatigue symptoms ranging from simple tiredness-related conditions such as iron deficiency anaemia to ME can be treated with good nutrition.

Gastroenterological Problems

Gastroenterological problems such as IBS, Crohn’s, coeliac disease, diverticulitis, inflammatory bowel disorder, ulcers and haemorrhoids can be treated with good nutrition.


We work therapeutically with patients suffering from cancer, providing Nutritional and other advice alongside traditional medical therapies such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.


From eczema and acne to psoriasis and ageing-related concerns such as wrinkles, what you eat and how you live your life can strongly influence how youthful you look. We are able to offer nutritional services alongside our cosmetic laser and other age-related treatments.

Rheumotological Problems

Rheumotological problems such as arthritis and osteoporosis can be treated with good nutrition.

Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders such as sleep apnoea and excessive snoring can benefit from nutritional therapies.

Sports Nutrition

Our team have a lot of experience in the area of sports nutrition. Injury recovery requires specialist nutritional advice, as does training for marathons and more serious sports events.

If you feel you could benefit from a consultation with one of our doctors, please contact us to arrange an appointment.

You are unique and we are ready to listen

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