Adult Autism Test & Diagnosis

Data from the National Autistic Society suggests that just over 1% of the population meet the diagnostic criteria for autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

We provide comprehensive private autism, aspergers & ASD testing for adults. Our three week assessment pathway is led by a multidisciplinary Neurodiversity Team and will, where clinically appropriate, offer you a diagnosis of autism.

Our holistic assessment will also explore other, often coexisting conditions. You can feel confident that we have a broad understanding of your difficulties and can make specific and focussed recommendations to support you moving forward. For children, please see our autism assessment services for young people.

We also offer extensive post-assessment support. Whatever the assessment shows, we’re here to expedite the care you need and support you to manage whatever difficulties you are facing.

What is an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)?

Generally speaking, ASD is defined by the ICD-10 as:

 “A group of disorders characterized by qualitative abnormalities in reciprocal social interactions and in patterns of communication, and by a restricted, stereotyped, repetitive repertoire of interests and activities. These qualitative abnormalities are a pervasive feature of the individual’s functioning in all situations.” 

Some people with ASD also experience hyper- or hypo-sensitivities, which may mean they don’t like the feeling of labels on their clothes, or that they have particular preferences for, or aversions to certain smells, lights etc.

The term ‘spectrum’ within ASD reflects the degree to which this condition affects individuals. For example, people with ASD have social communication difficulties. For some this may mean they are ‘non-verbal’, whereas others are very articulate but may take things very literally, or find it difficult to understand ‘turn taking’ within conversations.

Why seek an Autism, Aspergers, or ASD Diagnosis?

Have you read something about autism that’s helped you to make sense of some of your own life experiences? Or perhaps you know someone who has autism and you can see an overlap in the way you navigate the world around you.

Many people with autism have learnt to cope with their challenges and can reach adulthood without a diagnosis. And not everyone who suspects that they may have ASD wants to seek a diagnosis. Sometimes just understanding your life through this lens feels enough to validate and make sense of some of your experiences and you may not feel that a formal diagnosis is important.

But some people choose to seek a formal diagnosis and this can have real benefits. As well as the insights it can offer you, it can also help your family and the people you work with to understand some of the difficulties you may encounter in certain situations. A diagnosis can also guide your learning or work environment to make reasonable adjustments to support you to reach your potential. A diagnosis also means you can also seek focussed, professional support from our friendly team to help you manage these challenges.

You are unique and we are ready to listen

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