Speech and Language Therapy

Specific Assessment of Speech and Language

We offer a detailed baseline assessment of your child’s speech, language and communication difficulties. Our speech and language therapists have experience of working with a broad spectrum of children.

This means we are able to offer an assessment whether your child is at the preverbal stages and needing alternative methods of communication, or whether your child has good surface level language skills but struggles with the higher level aspects of language e.g. inference, sarcasm, language processing, emotional literacy, problem solving etc.

As a team we specialise in providing social skills interventions and curriculums in schools to support the children that might otherwise “fall through the gaps” or are displaying their difficulties in other ways such as behaviour.


After an assessment, our speech and language therapists offer a variety of evidence-based intervention sessions for speech and language difficulties.

Intervention can be delivered either at home or at school. We are committed to supporting parents and schools to continue with the games and strategies throughout the week to support children to make as much progress as possible. We aim to teach children specific skills which are then generalised into multiple situations.

Intervention sessions are fun and enjoyable and based around your child’s interests, ensuring maximum participation.

You are unique and we are ready to listen

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