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The Practice opened in 1995. Here we get Right to The Heart of your Medical and Life Challenges.

We are managed and owned by Dr Julia Piper BM BS BMedSci FRCGP DFFP DipOccMed DipAccMed. My overriding passion when I was six years old was to heal people.But as I qualified in Medicine; I started to question why I couldn’t help more than about 10% of people! All I seemed to do was write the name of a drug on a prescription pad and give it to my patients, rather than really delving deep and understanding what was going on in the human body.

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I believed in better

So over the course of my medical lifetime, I have had this insatiable appetite to understand what it is that other cultures and healers do. And how I can truly help turn illness around.

So gradually I trained in Acupuncture, hypnotherapy, functional and nutritional medicine and although I have been in medicine for 40 years now, I have an increasingly insatiable appetite for new knowledge to share with my patients.

We never standstill, medicine is constantly changing.

I am passionate about functional medicine

I find that the practitioners who carry this out seem to be much more broadminded. They do not rely on treating the “average person” as to us, the “average person” does not exist.

My driving forces have been my own dual diagnosis of cancer having had breast cancer, now thankfully healed; and leukaemia. This coupled with my son’s intense suffering with schizophrenia and losing my sister, Jenny, young to OVARIAN cancer, gave me a passion and THIRST for healing that is alive and kicking on a daily basis. Rather than settling down with age, this seems to get more powerful; with a fire that burns within me to help move our medical world to a better place!

It is wonderful to see that many of the newly qualified doctors are also hungry for Functional Medicine. I wish new doctors all the very best with this wonderful Subject. It is my greatest privilege to share my knowledge with each of my patients and to work with them as a team towards health; with excitement and passion for their lives.

Here it is not one size fits all

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