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Functional Medicine & Nutrition

Nutrition and Mental Health

Mental Health, Including Depression, Anxiety, Autism and Psychosis

Our Functional Medicine and Nutrition service including testing for micronutrients, homocysteine levels and food allergies, can provide invaluable help for sufferers with mental health problems. Not only are we able the offer the services of our doctors but we also have a full nutritional testing service which will pick up deficiencies and help with optimal nutrition. There is much evidence for instance that deficiencies in vitamin C, zinc, multivitamin B especially B3, and essential fatty acids, contribute towards the huge spectrum of Psychological Stress that exists in all of us from time to time. At we do not just rely on antidepressants or other drugs to help our minds, we offer a full range of services extending to nutrition support, massage, art therapy, aromatherapy, acupuncture and hypnotherapy and more… If you know somebody who is struggling in this area please tell them about our services.

Mental Health – for complex psychological problems such as autism and other mental health disorders such as Aspergers, ADHD and Schizophrenia, Functional Medicine and Nutritional Therapies can be effective in helping to reduce symptoms and problems. Often drugs used in treating mental health problems can have significant side-effects which can benefit from nutritional advice, and it can also be very supportive and empowering for a family with offspring and/or a spouse suffering with mental health issues to have a non-medical therapeutic plan to complement traditional medical treatments.

Anxiety and Depression  – and other psychological problems can all benefit from Functional Medicine and Nutritional intervention, whether taking Medication or preferring a non-medical treatment, the type of food you eat and the way you live your life can have a profound effect on your mood and anxiety levels.

We usually recommend that you have an initial Appointment with one of our Private GP’s who can arrange suitable Functional Medicine tests for you and then refer you to one of our in house team or a Nutritionist.

If you believe that Functional Medicine and/or Nutrition and Dietary consultation could help you, one of your family or one of your employees or clients please do not hesitate to contact the practice and arrange an appointment.

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