Physical Therapies

Your doctor will advise you about which therapy may be appropriate. Dr Piper is trained in acupuncture and often carries out during the consultation if appropriate.

  • Physiotherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Yoga
  • Activated Oxygen

Activated Oxygen

We Have used activated oxygen in patients over the past few years, in a bid to improve oxygen utilisation at the cellular level, improving the production of ATP which is the body’s main unit of energy and which is needed in every transaction in the body.

Without ATP, it is like going to a shop to buy something and not having money. Without money you cannot purchase anything in the shop and without ATP you’re not able to provide the energy necessary for a chemical transaction.

We have chosen to use this form of potential improvement in oxygen utilisation, and not ozone, due to the fact that it is extremely likely that fewer reactive oxygen intermediates are produced with activated oxygen. We are aware that with oxygen utilisation, higher amounts of reactive oxygen species are produced. Indeed this is the case with any chemical reaction involving oxygen. Processes involving oxygen produce something called superoxide which is the main reactive intermediate, so in the process of supporting energy production, we want to try and minimise these reactive intermediates.

To do this we can prepare the body for oxygen treatment with provision of antioxidants in our foods and supplements. But here we have chosen to use a potentially less aggressive form of therapy which may be as effective as other forms of oxygen therapy on the market. More research needs to be done and sometimes this can be difficult due to the personalised approach to our patients who have chronic illness and who are using many modalities of therapy to get better in what is a complex situation.

We use dietary change, optimisation of gut function with digestive enzymes, we measure and utilise fatty acids, in order to optimise balance, digestion and utilisation of fatty acids to improve membrane formation throughout the body, improve detoxification, try to optimise the balance and blending approach of our complex immune systems, to make name but a few.

In summary we consider our activated oxygen to be an important part of the healing process and if you need for the information please ask.

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