Micro immunotherapy

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Immune System Disorders can be triggered by the presence of imbalances in microbes (bacteria, viruses, fungi), external agents (e.g. allergens) or the body itself (e.g. autoimmune diseases, degenerative diseases, cancers).

Our body reacts to these agents through the immune system. Messengers of our natural immunity, cytokines (e.g. interleukins, interferons, growth factors), circulate at physiological concentrations among the cells to coordinate our defenses.

Micro-immunotherapy formulations are used at very high dilutions, to regulate the immune system in order to potentiate and harmonize the body’s defenses. These formulations include cytokines, along with nucleic acids (DNA, RNA, SNA), in homeopathic preparations, to restore the immune function. The sequential order in which the capsules are taken closely reflects the physiological mechanisms at work in the body. These substances, which are placed under the tongue (oromucosal administration), are taken up by the lymphatic system, which is particularly dense in the sublingual mucosa.

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