The process of cancer development is complex.

There are many options for treatment within standard or allopathic medicine. However functional medicine looks at the influence of the gut, the immune system, potential underlying stealth infections, detoxification (biotransformation) support, environmental effects and issues and many other factors that may be influencing the breakdown of our repair and maintenance systems.

We a have options to refer to other experts for second opinions and those specialists that deal with evidence based pathways that potentially block metabolic pathways that support cancer. We have options to monitor circulating cancer cells at a much earlier stage than waiting for standard tests such as CT scans and PET scans which we do of course also use routinely for follow-up of cancer and surveillance.

We sometimes forget that in order to engage with health at every level, we need to take a body mind and soul approach. Our psychologists will help you look at limiting beliefs and these can be minimised by using various tools. Link to psychology 

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