When conventional medicine talks about this devastating illness, it mentions no cure. But when Following functional medical guidelines, especially when caught early rather than in the late stages, it is reversible.

We only need to look at the monumental work of Dr Dale BREDESDEN to realise that dementia can be turned around.

The actual methods that we use to induce change in the 36 different trigger factors mentioned by Bredesen for dementia, are those relating to our functional medicine work. This looks at the metabolic biochemistry and root cause processes behind the illness. It measures changes that are all manageable when a knowledgeable physician works with a patient and family.

Make no mistake, that these are not simple issues. It takes a lot of persistence, to really focus and be determined to address all aspects of health that are needed to conquer dementia. But with the right help and support, it can be done and you can do it! The key is to catch it as early as possible!

Maybe I shouldn’t mention autism and schizophrenia in the same breath as Alzheimer’s or dementia. But when these three conditions have been studied, they have one major thing in common and that is they show large ventricles in the brain. Therefore, it is possibly that all these conditions could be reversed by similar means.

Indeed, in my clinical experience, with my own son who has schizophrenia, ( by the way this is a ridiculous name for a condition involving essentially what is “neuroinflammation”)he now has his life back. He remains on some medication called Clozapine; he remains on a functional medication called low dose naltrexone and he has managed his lifestyle aggressively together with my help, over a period of two years, which subsequently shifted something fairly major. He moved from a cocooned like state, with poor memory and social interaction, to living a normal life, now studying for accountancy qualifications, working in a bar and playing tennis without becoming psychotic, which he was previously. In short; he has his life back!

If you look at the work of Bredesen you will see that it is complex. However in reality, we will be able to help you with the tests and knowledge that you require to turn your life around.

Admittedly there are a lot of tests initially, but if you are able to engage with the process, preferably with help from your family, then anything is possible. Slowly and surely we will help you get back on your path.

Here is the list of areas that we will need to look at to help you:

  • Your diet. Sugar has a huge part to play in dementia. There are many other factors to consider
  • The functioning of your gut and digestion to include the possibility of gut permeability
  • Optimising the state of the membranes in your body including the gut wall
  • Looking at your micro biome in the gut , oral and nasal cavities and optimising them
  • Ensuring that there are no other illnesses going on at the same time that we need to address
  • Checking for the presence of infections, link to tests particularly the chronic stealth infections which may include Lyme disease, other bacteria and also viruses. To INCLUDE MOULDS As the presence of mould is found in 30% of people with dementia.
  • The presence of heavy metals; pesticides & chemicals attached to genes and affecting the enzymes they print.
  • Optimising your detoxification processes through the liver, kidneys, bowels, skin etc.
  • Studying deficiency of your energy production through mitochondria
  • Looking at your genetics and epigenetics of various processes including those relating to the APOE gene, also those in the production of ATP and energy, also detoxification processes and the IMMUNE HLA genes
  • Looking for significant nutrient deficiencies including those in proteins, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes.
  • Looking at your balance of fatty acids in the body and how to optimise these. Remember that the brain is 60% fat and fat lines every membrane or tube in the body. It also lines your cells and therefore cell connectivity cannot happen properly if fatty acids are out of balance.
  • Hormones are examined in depth to include those of the HPA axis, the Sex hormones including testosterone oestrogen and progesterone, also thyroid hormones & those hormones impacted by chronic inflammation. (ADH, MSH)
  • Optimising sleep.

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