Thyroid gland

The thyroid gland is a small gland in our neck, which helps with the general balance or homeostasis of the body. Like many other hormones, these thyroid hormones can be too low or too high.

Are you suffering with any of the following symptoms such as weight gain, weight loss, feeling cold, dry skin, constipation, poor memory or concentration, hair loss, depression, anxiety or many others? Symptoms of the thyroid gland are profuse and mimic many other conditions.

What to expect when you see a thyroid doctor

Your doctor will take a thorough and detailed medical history of your past and present health and symptoms. He or she will assess this rich tapestry and help to check on the low lying fruit that can be manoeuvred and supported. For example, symptoms such as tiredness can also be caused by many other problems such as anaemia, iron deficiency, coeliac disease, B12 deficiency, folate deficiency, infections, gut permeability, breathing problems and so on. Remember then that your doctor will need to check many different parameters of your health, and not just the thyroid gland alone.


If you suspect thyroid problems, your doctor will carry out blood tests.

There are many factors that influence thyroid gland but some of the blood tests that can be done are the thyroid-stimulating hormone, T4, T3, free T4, free T3, reverse T3, thyroid binding globulin, selenium, urinary iodine, thyroid antibodies and zinc. Often, in the NHS, only 2 or 3  tests are done which include the thyroid-stimulating hormone, thyroid antibodies, and T4. However, these tests are woefully inadequate in the full and thorough assessment of thyroid problems.

Other Hormones

We have to remember that the thorough assessment of thyroid challenge in our body, is complex. It is therefore important to see someone who understands this complexity.

The thyroid gland and its hormones, do not exist in isolation, they link with the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland, the adrenal glands, they are also affected by the general conditions of the bodies such as infections, inflammation and poor detoxification.

The body’s chemistry works as an elaborating interconnecting web where everything affects everything else. Therefore, if your doctor is trained in this intricate functional approach to managing body systems, he or she will understand how important the adrenal gland is to our thyroid hormones.

At PrivateGP we take the time and effort to explore all the possible causes and treatment options to restore your health. If we think your thyroid is the cause we face the thyroid challenge with you, every step of the way. Book an appointment today for quality care on your journey to health.

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