Psycho-Sexual Disorders

We offer Specialist Assessment and Treatment of Psycho-Sexual Disorders stemming from any age but in particular, Advancing Age, Medical Conditions like Diabetes, Cardiac conditions, Alcohol addiction etc, Side Effects of Medications or Illicit Drugs, Stress, Performance Anxiety or any other Psychological Factors.

The conditions may include Impotence, Pre-mature Ejaculation, Loss of Desire, Vaginismus, Orgasmic Dysfunction and Sex Addiction.

Clinical Assessment led by a Consultant includes:

  1. Clinical Examination
  2. Hormone Tests (if indicated)
  3. Psychosexual Counselling and couple therapy using Behaviour-Systems approach.
  4. Licensed therapies not routinely available on NHS
  5. Specialist exercise guidance
  6. Nutrition
  7. Vaccum therapies and Caverjet if indicated

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