Psychosis or Schizophrenia

With respect to psychosis, please note that this can sometimes be a transient or passing condition. However, normally, schizophrenia is only diagnosed where the condition is prolonged and difficult to treat.

n the past, we have referred to Abram Hoffers work on schizophrenia. He was the father of functional medicine and worked tirelessly with high dose vitamin B3 and vitamin C to correct some of the metabolic problems associated with this devastating condition.

More recently, David Horobin gave his whole life to studying this complex illness of schizophrenia. During his lifetime he produced a research paper almost every two weeks in order to try and find the root of this difficult illness.

 David Horobin described schizophrenia as: 
“the most terrible illness known to mankind.  Watching your child at the peak of their life, lose any resemblance of normal thought process and metabolics to early dementia, behavioural problems and challenges to all the family”

Because of this devastation to life and family, David made it his mission to research solutions.

Much of his work revolved around the balances of a fatty acids in the body and this work, upon his death, did not go to waste. It was taken over by a company called BodyBio in America.

Dr Piper’s son suffers with schizophrenia and consequently she has spent years studying the processes involved. The improvement in her sons health followed attention to biological systems medicine. This has included significant changes to diet, gut health; optimising detoxification processes; correcting challenges with immune modulation; correcting hormonal deficiencies; diagnosing underlying infections; reducing exposure to the exposome of EMF; chemicals, metals, infections through tic bites or mould exposure; including copious psychological support and measuring fatty acid imbalances which can be treated.

It is important to note that psychosis and schizophrenia are serious conditions and must be under the jurisdiction and management of a consultant psychiatrist. The best options for management of schizophrenia, can involve integrative medicine where we combine medication with a systems approach.

In the past, much of the literature has focused upon a high dopamine level being instrumental in the cause of the condition.

However, our knowledge has improved in latter years regarding the concept of neuro-inflammation.  It has become apparent that the root of the problem is most probably due to a challenge in the immune system causing mistakes to be made. The result is excess production of cytokines (immune messengers); auto-antibody production and subsequent damage to the brain mechanisms; to include imbalance of brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) which will of course include dopamine. The brain immune cells, called the microglia, also become activated.

It is notable that some of the newer atypical anti-psychotic drugs may exert their affect by immune modulation. These drugs are considered to be the wonder drugs of schizophrenia.

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