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Coronavirus testing

Coronavirus Covid-19 Testing Now Available

We are pleased to be able to offer you testing kits that can be used in the safety of your own home, with the whole process of interpretation and support being guided by us here at PrivateGP.

If you have symptoms, you will receive a telephone call from the Doctor, whether you have a positive or negative result. Our staff are trained to know how to advise you, and whether a Doctor’s telephone call will be needed.


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About Covid-19

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus.

This highly infectious virus is passed on through droplets from an infected person. It is believed that around 50% of people carrying an active COVID-19 virus do not display symptoms which is one reason it has spread so quickly. Also, symptoms vary from person to person.

Some people only have a cough or a fever while others may suffer from a sore throat or lose their sense of taste or smell. The only way to know for sure if you have or have had coronavirus COVID-19 is through testing. 

Coronavirus testing

Quick Antibody Test

The “quick antibody COVID-19 tests” for qualitative IGG and IGM antibody (use from day 7 onwards with symptoms) measurement that we use are from Armin Laboratory in Germany. They are for clinic use and are based on a finger prick blood test; giving us information of the presence of active infection (IGM) and resolving infection and immunity ( IGG)

PCR swab test

The Cov-2 RT-PCR antigen swab ( Use from day 2 onwards, measures viral load) for CV-19 is used for early diagnosis form day 2 of symptoms and is mainly only positive in the first 2 weeks of infection. It is a throat or nasal swab test.

Abbott's IgG Blood Test

A London lab PHE approved quick IGG ( use from day 14 of symptoms onwards; or use to check whether you have had the illness in the past) test is based on a finger prick of blood taken at home ( 10 drops of blood). This shows whether you may recovering from Covid-19 & whether you have some current immunity. The results are shown as positive, negative or borderline.

Armin Labs Accurate Immunity Testing

A quantitative test by Armin labs in Germany is available for IGG/IGM/IGA ( use any time if you think you may have the infection of have had it) measurement. This is of interest for more accurate immunity levels based on actual numerical levels of immunity.

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