Chemical Skin Peels

Would you like your skin to look and feel great?

Chemical Peels (also known as Skin Peels or Glycolic Peels) are a popular and quick treatment which can be applied on a regular basis to leave your skin feeling fresh and new.

What are chemical peels?

A chemical solution is applied by a Doctor or Nurse Practitioner to damaged skin to remove the surface of the skin leaving newer, younger looking skin to come to the surface. It is typically used to treat areas of the hands, face and neck.

The solution causes skin layers to peel away and reveal younger, healthier layers beneath. Once the dead layer is completely gone, the new skin heals and provides a healthy and glowing appearance.

How does it work?

We use Glycolic Neostrata products for our chemical peels. Glycolic acid works by using a very low pH (0.6-1.6) to stimulate collagen production, increase dermal thickness and reduce imperfections such as wrinkles and acne scaring.

The chemical peels come in four strengths and we use what is best suited to you. We will often work up in strength when you get more comfortable with the sensation of it. Initially, it is best for the patient to select a package of 6 sessions and then book separate maintenance sessions as required. For two weeks before, patients are strongly advised to use a minimum of one of our Glycolic Neostrata products. We will advise you on the best product for you in the initial consultation.

What can chemical peels be used for and are there any side effects?

Chemical Peels can be used to reduce or eliminate fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes and around the mouth, correct uneven skin pigmentation, treat acne and soften the appearance of scars.

Side effects are minimal and may involve mildly reddened skin. After one or two days, the skin colour returns to normal and appears fresher and younger looking.

All treatments are carried out by either Dr Piper, who is a Member of the Association of Cosmetic Doctors and has been a GP for over 22 years or one of our fully qualified Practice Nurses or fully trained technicians. All patients receive an initial consultation to both assess suitability for treatment and to discuss the appropriate treatment, the procedure and realistic results.

For a consultation with Dr Piper or with one of our Cosmetic Nurses please phone 0116 2700373 or contact us by email and we will be in touch with you just as soon as possible.

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