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Biohack Annual Health Plan

“Biohacking is about the application of science and molecular biology together with self-management to take control and upgrade our body mind and soul for a better life.” Dr Julia Piper, CEO, Private GP

Together, through this unique annual health plan, we aim to increase your quality of life, whilst beginning to unlock your full capacity for physical and mental performance. Look upon Private GP as your expert partner in long term health and exceptional flourishing.

Whether you want to play soccer with your great-grandkids when you’re 100 years old, or simply feel and be at your best in every moment, we’re here to help you make the very most of your health and your life.

As a functional medicine general practice, our partnership with you represents the vanguard of medical science, as applied to optimal personal health and flourishing.

We take an integrative, whole person, and highly personalised approach. Our process is preventative, restorative, and opportunistic. We take the time to understand your unique health profile, personal needs, preferences, and goals, and tailor a realistic plan that works for you.

You service your car every year, and probably also your teeth, so why not service that which underpins everything else, your health?


Who is this plan for?
This plan is for anyone who wants to make the most of this fleeting and precious life.

You cherish what you have, your body, your mind, and your loved ones. You also respect the fragility of life. You value and prioritise your health. You understand that you need to take care of your body & mind, in order for them to take care of you.

You integrate all the conflicting health advice the best you can, but you would love a trusted expert to guide the way.


A Long and Happy Life
As a result of medical science, life expectancy continues to rise, and most of us face the prospect of living decades longer than our parents. We also know that, with the right preparation, we can retain our physical vitality and mental acuity throughout our old age. To realise this potential, it is more important than ever to become masters of our health now, and doubly so for our young children.


For Children
It’s easy for young people to take for granted the ability to live with boundless energy, and move their bodies freely, without pain. Consider this plan a practical education for your children, to help them cultivate mindsets and habits of optimal health and lifelong flourishing.


For Seniors
Your golden years really don’t have to be a gradual slide into senile infirmity; why not choose to make them the best years of your life? Your lifestyle habits and choices make an enormous difference to how you age, and it’s never too late to improve your health.

In the many cases where lifestyle factors play a role, in all likelihood we can preserve and perhaps enhance your resistance to disease, your energy and vitality, your physical strength and flexibility, your memory and mental clarity, and your peace of mind.


What’s Included?
The Biohack Health Plan includes:

A vitamin IV drip, once per year (adults only)
A mini health checkup, once per year, including
– Full symptom questionnaire
– Blood pressure
– Urinalysis
– Body Mass Index (BMI)
Actionable treatment plan, tailored to your goals
10% off consultations, blood tests & selected services


Annual Plan Prices
Single £500
Couple (living at same address)  £850
Children (under 16, living at same address)  £150 each


Terms & Conditions
IV nutrition therapy is a Myers Cocktail drip.
Mini health check is to be conducted on same appointment as the IV nutrition therapy.
For receipt of inclusive elements, the annual fee is required to be paid up front.

Contact us for more information, or to start a Biohack Health Plan for you and your family.

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