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Sexual Health Clinic

A variety of Sexual Health screening is available for anyone who has any concerns.

These screenings includes:

HIV Tests (1 and 2)



Trichomonal Vaginalis


Chlamydia Tests.

Hepatitis B Infection

Hepatitis C Infection

Genital Warts


Mycoplasma Genitalium Ureaplasma

Gardnerella Vaginalis

Sexual Health screening may involve a urine, blood test or swabs. Consultations are available with either one of our practice nurses or doctors. A full sexual health assessment will be performed at the time of the appointment


HPV and Genital Warts vaccination (Gardasil)

Available to males and females who wish to protect themselves from the Human Papilloma Virus (‘HPV Virus’) and Genital Warts which is responsible for causing cervical cancer, oral and throat cancer and Genital Warts.

The range of medicals available include:

  • Female/Male Sexual Health Comprehensive check
  • Female/Male Sexual Health Standard Check

Consultations and tests are available with either one of our Practice Nurses or Doctors.

Loss of Libido and Hormonal Changes

Patients may also wish to consult with a Doctor about loss of Libido and Sexual Desire resulting from life changes and hormonal changes. There is now much that can be done to improve a person’s self worth and change in hormonal balances.

Here it is not one size fits all

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