Private Prescriptions

When you register for the practice, we will require a detailed list of all your medications, together with doses.  If we need to writea prescription for you, this information will  ensure that there are no side-effects or incompatibility with the other medication you are taking.

We will also need to have a list of your supplements to try and assess whether there would be any potential interactions with those two. We utilise a herbal database to try to evaluate potential interactions.

However, please bear in mind that it is impossible to predict all types of interactions, as everybody behaves differently with medications. Also, with the number of supplements on the marketplace at the moment, there will be limited information available for every type of interaction possible.

However with respect to medications, there is quite a lot of information about drug interactions and we must limit such problems as much as possible.

  • Available for existing patients via telephone consultations, email, video link or in person.
  • For new patients, prescriptions will only be available following Videolink or consultations in person.
  • Small dispensary available on site for straightforward medications.
  • For urgent prescriptions, we can telephone or email through to a chemist of your choice.
  • We have access to a delivery pharmacy, straight to your home, the costs of this will normally be higher.

Unlicensed Medications

We prescribe unlicensed medications  including bioidentical HRT, medical binders associated with chronic inflammatory response syndrome, LDN further details of which can be found on the website, and others.

There is strict governance surrounding unlicensed medications.

If your doctor needs to discuss an unlicensed medication, he will talk to you about what else you have used in the past to treat your condition, in the form of licensed medications. It is important that we record previous licensed medications that have been tried and failed, before we prescribe an unlicensed drug.

It is also permissible to prescribe an unlicensed medication where no other drug exists to treat that condition.

We do have a Clinical Governance Committee that meets monthly where we can discuss complex medical cases where needed.

The unlicensed consent forms are detailed and give full information with as much referencing as possible about the unlicensed medication, as well as information about possible side-effects and the need for you to accept your own liability with respect to prescriptions of these medications.

You are unique and we are ready to listen

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