Modern day medical imaging is available either locally in Leicestershire or nationally.

As a practice, we are knowledgeable about the various types of imaging that are available and which specific requests to make for different areas of the body and for various types of diagnosis.

We have excellent contacts with Radiologists who will advise us on an individual basis.

We have easy and swift access to the most appropriate imaging for the presenting issue or symptom.

Below is a little more information about different X-rays and scans that are available. These are examples only as you may be aware that medical imaging is becoming more and more sophisticated, so that we constantly have to be aware of change and how to ensure that we request the best possible X-ray and/or scan for you.

Chest X-rays

Give information about the size of your heart and problems in the lungs. They do not give as much information as a CT scan

CT scan

Give more information about the lungs for more complex underlying conditions; also used for the head abdomen and pelvis.

MRI scan

Used frequently in cardiological investigation. Also for the head; brainstem, neck chest and lower back

CT pulmonary angiogram

Test used when there is concern about blood clots in the lung

Ultrasound scan

Used in pregnancy to evaluate. Also used to check for ovarian cancer or look for problems in the liver, kidneys or spleen. Useful for diagnosis if there is a swelling in areas such as the thyroid, skin or other organs

EBT scan

Used in cardiology as it measures the amount of calcium in the walls of the arteries supplying the heart. There is a degree of correlation between this and how much the artery is blocked by plaque. It is not a straight correlation, but your doctor will advise you


Looks mechanically at the structure of the heart to check whether the chambers are enlarged, if there are problems with blood flow or issues with the heart valves

PET scan

Used to check the activity of certain conditions such as Lyme disease and to identify other areas of inflammation in the body

Neuroquant MRI imaging of the head

Used to assess patients with dementia, particularly useful to correlate the diagnosis with chronic inflammatory response syndrome

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