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Occupational Health

Occupational Health Assessments

Days lost at work from staff being absent due to long term sickness or long term injury can be very costly both for small and large companies.

Most companies will have the right contained in an employees Contract of Employment to request an employee to have an Independent Medical Assessment by the company doctor. The assessment enables the company to better understand the reasons behind the employee being off work, can help recommend actions to enable the employee to return to work as soon as possible and to make changes in the workplace if appropriate when the employee is able to return.

Occupational Health Assessments may be required for a number of reasons and include:

  • Long Term Sickness Absence Medicals (usually performed by an OH doctor only)
  • Health Checks
  • Employee suffering from any form of medical complaint, including stress, injury, back pain, depression, problem at work etc.
  • If a medical opinion is required which will stand up in court then it is advisable to request a report from an OH doctor.

Occupational health Assessments can be conducted by one of our Occupationally Health trained doctors or by one of our experienced Occupational Health Nurses.The company doctor will typically be Occupationally Health trained and well versed in Employment legislation in particular with the Disability Discrimination Act (‘DDA’) & Equality Act. Companies have a legal duty to ensure that they look after the Health and Safety of their employees and claims for Unfair Dismissal can be brought against a company that falls foul of the legislation. For general medical consultations and injuries an initial assessment with an experienced occupational health nurse may be sufficient or be used as a first line review.

If you would like one of your employees or clients to be seen by an Occupationally Qualified doctor or Nurse experienced in Occupational Health please ring the practice to book an appointment. Or if you would like one of our Nurses to spend time on site please ring the practice and ask for a quotation.


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