Occupational Health

PrivateGP is a key provider of Occupational Health in the East Midlands.

The Practice is regulated under the exacting requirements of the Care Quality Commission and is therefore one of the few Practices that is regulated to provide medical treatment and referral as well as occupational medical assessment.

We have experience in a wide range of sectors including printing and packaging, accountancy and stock broking, venture capital, manufacturing, IT, Road Haulage, transport and distribution, building societies, engineering and many others.

We are able to provide a tailored service to meet your budget and are quite happy to meet with you to discuss and advise regarding your requirements.

We will be delighted to provide references from existing companies if you wish.

Our mission statement to you is “ Our  Dedicated Team is here To Help You Look After Your Employees Who Are A Major Asset To Your Business.”

In short, we will help you to underpin their health and well-being.

Occupational Health Statistics

  • The average annual cost of absence per employee is £601
  • Musculoskeletal injuries have overtaken back pain as the Number 1 cause of long term absence.
  • Stress is now the third ranked cause of long term absence for manual employees.
  • Stress and Mental Ill Health are the two top causes of long term absence amongst non-manual employees

(CIPD Survey 2005)

What sets us apart from other Occupational Health providers is that we represent the human side of medicine. Our registration with the Care Quality Commission which means we can treat, manage and care for your employees as individuals, as well as relating to your working environment.

Many of our occupational health clients say how much they have been helped by their occupational consultations here. Whilst our occupational work is contracted by organisations, companies and workplaces, the patients and employees themselves, when they attend our practice, find enormous help from another listening ear that can pull their medical history together and make many different suggestions concerning other options for medical management and well-being.

If you take a look at the Private Medical ,Functional medicine and Mental Health sections of our website, you will see how much knowledge we have with respect to getting people better. Therefore, our consultations are not only about getting a person back to work, but about improving the quality of their lives both at home and at work through the integrative nature of our practice. Here we find solutions to medical health and disease, which are of a much broader nature.

Medicine is excellent at coping with the 10% of symptoms related to actual disease but here we also promote the power of the individual to beat their own illness through changes to lifestyle which are very deep-rooted in nature. This type of medicine is called biological systems medicine. Therefore, rest assured, that when you send your employees to us, we will not only answer your questions from an occupational perspective, but we will be doing our best to help push patients in the right direction for those 90% of difficult situations and symptoms that have not been addressed by ordinary medicine.

We offer private occupational health appointments to help you protect and promote the health and well-being of your employees, creating a healthier workplace and workforce. Ensuring your employees receive proper occupational healthcare will  protect and enhance your image and reputation as a good employer.

Many companies have also used us for their executive medical checkup provision and also as a private GP service to executives. If you would like to know more, contact us and we can organise a lunchtime meeting with one of our GPs who can talk you through the processes and provision.

Corporate Wellbeing

Our Chartered Clinical Psychologists offer a range of wellbeing and training services for employees and business leaders. Employing these services will foster a psychologically informed environment (PIE), which research has shown contributes towards improved wellbeing and resilience of employees, reduced levels of turnover and absenteeism, as well as enhanced productivity. 


  • Provide early intervention to help prevent staff being absent for health-related reasons
  • Provide critical support to the process of effective absence management and increase the number of staff returning to work earlier.

  • Improved opportunities for employees to recover from illness whilst still at work.
  • Fulfil statutory requirements by having access to ‘competent’ occupational health care provision to ensure that the health of staff and others is not adversely affected by their work.

Pandemic and the future for your employees

We have all watched from the sidelines as the world evolved into a pandemic, creating unprecedented situations in all aspects of life, especially in the field of jobs and work.

We have all had to adapt during the pandemic. We are no exception here at PrivateGP.com. We have strengthened our team to cope with the psychological deep trauma that has been associated with lockdown, isolation and changing workplace situations. 

Mental Health is a crucial area for human beings; and it will continue to be so over the next decade as we strengthen to support our young children, adolescents and those in the workplace who have struggled so much.

Remembering that human strength is derived not only from the brain and mind, but also the body, spirit and soul. Here we address all these factors and work with many different faculties in order to touch the lives of each of your employees, strengthening your teams for the future, to facilitate you to dynamically repurpose your Unique Value Proposition.

You are unique and we are ready to listen

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