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Mental Health

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Our Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Therapists can help you deal with anxiety and depression and also with losing weight. CBT is especially helpful in dealing with negative thoughts. If you feel you could benefit from a consultation with one of our CBT therapists please contact the practice to arrange an appointment. Alternatively you might prefer to have an initial consultation with one of our doctors, or clinical psychologists.


    Depressed people typically think in a biased, Negative way. They have a negative view of themselves (“I’m no good”), the world (“Life has no meaning”) and the future (“It will always be this way”).

    Negative thoughts have several characteristics:
    1) They are automatic – they just ‘pop up’ without any effort on your part;

    2) They are distorted – they do not fit the facts;

    3) They are Unhelpful – they keep you depressed and make it difficult to change;

    4) They are plausible – it does not occur to you to question them;

    5) They are involuntary – they can be very difficult to Switch off.

    The more depressed you are, the more negative thoughts you will have, the more you believe them – and the more depressed they make you.

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