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  • What is Massage Therapy?

    Very little was recorded about massage in Europe between the roman times and the early middle ages, but by the 16 th century medicine slowly started to relearn what had been lost. Between 1776 and 1839, a Swedish Professor, Peter Lynn, created a scientific system of therapeutic massage known as Swedish Massage and established a teaching institute in Stockholm.

    The comfort, warmth and reassurance of Touch can improve the body’s wellbeing by stimulating its own natural healing processes giving a sense of wellbeing and restoring the body spirit and mind. It helps the chronic long-term stress, which is often self-imposed by modern work pressures, economic and social aspirations, coupled with Environmental Stress or urban living with all its attendant problems.

    Massage Therapy is a Healing art with a strong artistic intuitive component. So whilst your therapist needs to be trained in technique, he or she also needs to care. The expression of caring releases the intuitive components of healing.

  • How does it work?

    Massage is the simple manipulation of soft tissues in the body Including muscle tendons and ligaments. It works in two ways; one is a Mechanical action, which is created by moving muscles and soft Tissues of the body using pressure and stretching movement. This action breaks up fibrous tissue and loosens stiff joints. It might also aid the Drainage of length and help cleanse the tissues of acids and deposits. Its second means of action is by stimulating the nervous system through pressure. Our current Knowledge of neuro-anatomy helps us to understand the fact that when we massage certain parts of the body, this can affect other areas of the body. For example, massaging the ankles may help period problems and lower bowel Disorders.

  • What does the treatment involve?

    Each massage session will last Approximately 60 minutes and will take place in a quite room on a massage table. The patient will lie down undressed apart from underclothes and the therapist will cover parts of the body not being worked on with warm towels. Essential Oils are also used and the therapist will work Methodically around the whole body. The number of appointments required will depend upon the health problem concerned.

  • Advantages

    Whilst the research for Massage does not fit into medical class A evidence, it is felt that massage can improve circulation, aid digestion, help insomnia and also Migraine Sufferers.

    Massage may improve the Blood circulation in several ways without putting additional strain on the heart. It may help the flow of blood through veins and also stimulates nerves that control blood vessels. It has the added benefit of relaxing tense Muscles and tight connective tissues that may have been Constricting blood vessels and thus enable blood to flow more freely.

    Massage helps to reduce emotional tension, induces relaxation and calms stress related heart conditions.

    Currently, the Practice has massage therapists Attached to it, and Dee Welch.

    Dr. Piper met Anne Kavanagh through their mutual sport of tennis. Anne keeps herself very fit with her running and tennis. She trained with an HND in Sports Science, followed by her Diploma in Sports and Swedish massage. Anne is either at the Practice or to see patients at home.

    Dee Welch is an Experienced Practitioner of holistic massage, including aromatherapy massage. Dee is available either at the Practice or to see patients at home. Dee is also very helpful at a very practical level in helping clients with their nutrition.

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