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Treatment for Anti Viral Flu

Pandemic Flu, such as Swine Flu and Avian Flu, is Flu that spreads rapidly causing widespread epidemics around the world. Pandemic flu occurs when a new, highly infectious and dangerous strain of the influenza virus appears. In contrast to the ‘ordinary’ or ‘seasonal’, flu outbreaks which we see every winter in the UK, flu pandemics occur infrequently- usually every few decades. There were three last century. Themost serious was in 1918, killing Millions of people worldwide. Smaller pandemics happened in 1957 and 1968.

Swine Flu came to the UK in 2009 but fortunately the severity of the virus was not as bad as feared. Nevertheless it is an unpleasant virus, much like Flu and can be serious for those in any of the ‘at risk’ groups.

Anti Viral treatment against Pandemic Flu

Gold Service
•Provision of 4 boxes of Tamiflu®.
•Registration of patient by e-mail and telephone.
•Consultation with nurse over telephone regarding Tamiflu®.
•Tamiflu® sent by registered mail to patient with full copies of instructions regarding use.
A telephone call from Dr Piper’s Practice will take place to discuss processes and procedures etc. We will then write to all recipients instructing them to read through the Tamiflu® instructions and use as appropriate (either for short-term prevention ie a 10-day course, a six week prevention for key senior personnel and possibly treatment if a person has symptoms).

For those key personnel requiring a six-week course of treatment the cost is £200 per head for 4 boxes each.

Silver Service
As above but only one box of Tamiflu® for treatment or prevention

Cost is £50 per box.

Bronze Service
As above but issue of drugs is reserved until there is an outbreak of Tamiflu® and meantime boxes of Tamiflu® are stored either at PGPS or our nominated storage company.

Cost of Tamiflu® to purchase is £50 per head (per box) plus storage costs. At the time of a pandemic, PGPS will organise a nurse to contact a key person in the company, register the employees, and organise distribution of the medications.

Children’s Service (Between 1 year and 13yrs old)
Children between the age of 1 year and 13 years old are prescribed 75mg capsules with instructions as to how to administer these in the correct dosage to children.

All patients and parents receive a consultation to prior to medication being prescribed.

The best known anti viral drug Treatment for both Flu and Swine Flu at present is a prescription only drug manufactured by Roche Pharmaceuticals called Tamiflu®. We distribute Tamiflu® to those individuals and businesses which agree to abide by the guidelines for distribution and effective use of Tamiflu®. If you are interested in knowing more about our programme for the distribution and effective use of Tamiflu® please contact us.

Further Useful Information:

Q&A on Pandemic Flu are available from the Department of Health website at:

More information on Tamiflu is available from the Roche Pharmaceuticals website at:

The Department of Health / Cabinet office document on Pandemic Flu entitled ‘A national framework for responding to an influenza pandemic’ can be found at:


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