Blood Tests and Immunity Tests

Tests with results in as little as 24 hours provides a wide range of Blood, Urine, Stool Tests which include Immunity Tests. Results are usually available within 24 hours although some tests do take longer. If you have not found the blood test you require in the sections below, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Examples of available tests

  • General Health Screening Tests (eg glucose, cholesterol, sodium, potassium etc)
  • STD / Sexual Health Tests (eg HIV, Hepatitis B, chlamydia, gonnorrhoea etc)
  • Allergy Tests (eg Igg Tests- food, Ige Tests – plants/aminals)
  • Cytology Tests (eg Cervical Smears, HPV Tests)
  • Fertility Tests
  • Immunology Tests (eg Coeliac/Gluten sensitivity, Influenza, Rheumotology)
  • Tropical Immunology Tests (eg Malaria, Yellow Fever antibody tests)
  • Biochemistry Tests
  • Genetic Tests (eg DNA testing, Prenatal tests, Coeliac, Cancer)
  • Haematology Tests (eg Folate, Haemoglobin, Vitamin B12)
  • Microbiology Tests (eg Blood Cultures, Mycoplasma/Ureaplasma)
  • Nutrition Tests (eg Vitamins, Omegas, Homocysteine)
  • Occupational Health Tests (eg Drug and Alcohol Testing)
  • Tumour Marker Tests (eg CA 125, Prostate)
  • Endocrinology Tests (eg Infertility, adrenal,melatonin, Thyroid)
  • Reproductive Endocrinology (eg Menstrual Cycle, Infertility, Ageing)

Immunology Tests

  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • Measles
  • Rubella
  • Varicella
  • TB (Quantiferon Gold Test)

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