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Mast cell activation Syndrome (MCAS)

This condition is becoming more quoted and well known in the UK. At its worst it represents a clinical picture of persistent histamine release, encouraging symptoms of true allergy including those symptoms that occur in anaphylaxis.

These symptoms might include lip swelling, airway constriction, urticarial type rashes on the skin, a wheezy chest, low blood pressure, fainting attacks and others including hypersensitivity “to almost  everything”.

In all probability, this condition, does not occur in isolation and it often coexists with a dysregulated immune system, problems with the gut, inflammation caused by multiple factors, and dysregulation of the ecosystem.

Histamine has an affect on over 80 different chemicals in the body so when it is showing high levels in the body, it causes multiple symptoms and has multiple effects.

We are all aware of hayfever caused by an allergy to grass or tree pollen in the spring and summer months of the year. This too is caused by excessive histamine and the treatment used in the traditional medical world tends to be a prescription for antihistamines.

MCAS itself can be difficult to diagnose as test results  can often be normal unless there are significant symptoms present at the time of doing the test. In the UK, there are various tests relating to histamine levels, the measurement of diamine oxidase, & other specialist tests that we can organise for you.

Dr Dinkah Bakshi Is our resident allergy specialist and carries a large array of allergy skin prick tests that he can utilise to help diagnose your condition and the causes of your symptoms. He recommends various treatments that also include desensitisation.

A discussion with One of our Functional Doctors  will include the roots of MCAS eg gut dysfunction; fatty acid imbalances; and others.  The use of LDN is possible as it can help to modulate the immune system and reduce histamine release.

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