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Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS)

This condition occurs when mistakes are being made in our own immune system.  In effect, the innate immune system, loses its connection with the acquired immune system.

We can equate the innate and acquired immune systems to a conductor and his orchestra.  The conductor is the  innate immune system and needs to communicate in a sophisticated way to the orchestra which is the acquired immune system.  However, there is a genetic predisposition for  approximately 25 percent of the world population, to develop a break in the communication between the conductor and the orchestra.

The end result of this is that the body can not easily recognise something that is harmful.  The innate immune system is not able to present a harmful agent, be this a chemical, metal, or infective agent, to the acquired immune system, resulting in the innate immune system sending out multiple messengers indiscriminately, to try and sort out a problem. These messengers are called cytokines.

In  the past three months, a new laboratory has entered the UK so that we can now test more accurately for the condition of CIRS.

Once diagnosed, there is a 12 step process in something called the Shoemaker protocol, for treatment.

Most of our patients who suffer from this condition have multiple symptoms and have seen multiple doctors, to no avail.  Standard tests are usually  normal.  These patients need a thorough evaluation, to exclude any traditional diagnoses.  By the time we see people who are very poorly, they have often had multiple tests and no diagnosis has been found.

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