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CBD Cannabis

Medically leading on CBD Cannabis advice. We are leading the way in Leicestershire, and in the UK, by now being able to advise and support on Cannabis prescriptions.

Why not discuss this when you are seeing Dr Piper for your usual health problems? She will be able to prioritise what is important with your health and direct you towards the correct dosing and the properly certificated and toxicology tested CBD – where this is appropriate for your health.

The higher dose CBD is beneficial for pain relief and can also help drug resistant epilepsy.

Understanding the complex homoestatic mechanisms of cannabis in our bodies, with CANNABIS RECEPTORS throughout our brain, spinal-cord, gut, skin and major organs – shows us that there is an innate intelligence of healing action.

There is emerging evidence outside the UK that supports success with CBD in treating many other conditions such as autoimmunity, anxiety and other symptoms which are difficult to treat in other ways.

Together with Dr Piper’s knowledge of medicine, functional medicine, acupuncture, we will be able to help and advise.

For Cannabis products containing THC, which have been used in situations of palliative care, and chemotherapy induced vomiting, we work in tandem with a London specialist to whom we will refer you if we feel that you are a candidate who may benefit from the evidence based treatment that is available for these products.

Here it is not one size fits all

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