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Medically leading on CBD Cannabis advice. We are leading the way in Leicestershire, and in the UK, by now being able to advise and support on Cannabis prescriptions.

Why not discuss this when you are seeing Dr Piper for your usual health problems? She will be able to prioritise what is important with your health and direct you towards the correct dosing and the properly certificated and toxicology tested CBD – where this is appropriate for your health.

The higher dose CBD is beneficial for pain relief and can also help drug resistant epilepsy.

Understanding the complex homoestatic mechanisms of cannabis in our bodies, with CANNABIS RECEPTORS throughout our brain, spinal-cord, gut, skin and major organs – shows us that there is an innate intelligence of healing action.

There is emerging evidence outside the UK that supports success with CBD in treating many other conditions such as autoimmunity, anxiety and other symptoms which are difficult to treat in other ways.

Together with Dr Piper’s knowledge of medicine, functional medicine, acupuncture, we will be able to help and advise.

For Cannabis products containing THC, which have been used in situations of palliative care and chemotherapy induced vomiting we have a multidisciplinary Medical Cannabis Medical Team here at PGP, to whom we will refer you if we feel that you are a candidate who may benefit from the evidence based treatment that is available for these products.


PGP Medical cannabis Clinic; opening 15th May 2021

At PGPMCC we have a multidisciplinary team consisting of consultants and general practitioners, for the prescription of medical cannabis.

Currently our team are as follows:

If you are interested in this, please note that it is a very heavily regulated section of medical industry and we invite you to email us for further details on

We currently see Private Patients and also work with Project Twenty21. Drug Science’s Project Twenty21 is a registry aiming to monitor the health outcomes of 20,000 patients using cannabis based medicinal products. It’s aim is to create the largest body of evidence in Europe for the safety and efficacy of medical cannabis.

The project gives access to medical cannabis for patients living with:

  • Anxiety Disorder
  • Chronic Pain
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Substance Use Disorder (as a harm reduction strategy)
  • Tourette’s Syndrome

And other conditions

Visit for the latest information about Project Twenty21.

PGPMCC Process

What do I need to do to book an appointment?

As you are aware, this industry is heavily regulated and there are processes that we need to comply with, before we can book your appointment with a doctor who is on the specialist register.

Please email us on: 

You will be required to supply the following:

1. Photo ID in the form of a passport or driving licence.

2. The doctor will require to see evidence of your diagnosis and at least two types of standard or advanced medical treatments which have failed. We do require documentation and you will therefore need to bring evidence from your medical records, or from specialists letters, to validate your request for medical cannabis.

3. A signed PGP Medical Cannabis consent form.

4. For those patients who are involved with drug science is Twenty21 project, you will need to sign their data release consent form, having duly read the contents.

5. A completed PGP detailed medical questionnaire.

6. A completed, (on both sides) medical registration form for Ltd.

7. Signed Terms and Conditions for PGP.

For further information email us:

What other points do I need to know?

  • Each appointment will have to be paid at the time of booking your appointment.
  • Due to heavy regulations and governance issues, please note that before you have had your appointment, no guarantees can be made that medical cannabis will actually be issued. In this eventuality, there will be no refund.
  • In general, the first two appointments, i.e. the initial, and the follow-up, will take place with a medical specialist. Thereafter, the following appointments will be made with a specialist GP trained in medical cannabis. All follow-up appointments are charged at the same rate whether it is the specialist or the GP. But once the specialist needs to refer you to the GP, this will be obligatory, in order to free up the specialists time for new patients. Once your condition is stable, it may be possible to apply for repeat prescriptions but this is down to the decision of the doctor.
  • Medical cannabis prescriptions can only be issued at monthly intervals. Sometimes it is difficult to get hold of prescriptions, although the situation is easing somewhat. You are alone are responsible for payment and purchase of the medical cannabis treatment. Patients with the Twenty21 research registry, are invoiced on a different basis but have only a limited number of cannabis medications available. Whilst this registry is ongoing, it is subsidised.
  • With respect to your GP appointment, private is a specialist in functional medicine and if necessary, if you need any further help with respect to your illness, we will be able to help and support you. Please ask if you would like a functional medical doctor ( link to functional medicine) to review your medical cannabis prescription, once you have referred to the GP by the medical specialist.

For further information email us:

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