Private GP Consultations

Second to None

Nothing is too much trouble

Our Private GPs are here to help and support you. We have continuity of care; and a network of referral second to none.

Consultations can be booked with one of our Private GP’s or Nurses so that you can discuss any of your medical worries, either for yourself, your family or your work colleagues. Whatever your medical concern we aim to help you find the best available treatment that suits you and your body.

We aim to provide an integrated health service using the very best in traditional medicine coupled with alternative treatments and the latest tests to help you understand your body and what might help you to live a long, healthy, happy and fulfilling life.

We are able to take as much time with you as you need to get to the root of the problem and seek to find solutions which are right for you, your family or your business.

We work with a number of consultants, Therapists and Nutritionists. Referrals can also be made to other consultants both locally, in London, and elsewhere, as appropriate. Our aim is always to refer you to a consultant, therapist or clinical dietician with a reputation for providing the very best in patient care.

Doctor Consultations

Private GP consultations and Private Doctor Consultations may be booked for 15mins, 30mins, 45mins or 1 hr appointments. We usually recommend a 30-45min first appointment as the doctor will want to cover your medical history with you and allow enough time to discuss your current issues.

Appointments are usually available within 48hrs. If urgent you can usually be seen on the same day. If however the doctor is away you may choose to book an appointment with one of our Practice Nurses. Telephone consultations are also available (but not usually for first appointments).

More information regarding fees can be found on the fees page. Blood tests, urine tests or any other tests or services are charged in addition to the Doctor consultation fee.

All private patients are required to pay their fees in cash or by credit card prior to leaving the surgery. Companies may pay on submission of our invoice subject to prior agreement.

Consultations are available for any of the services listed under the ‘Our Services’ section of this website but may include general, specific or chronic health problems, health checks, occupational health services, cosmetic treatments, nutritional advice and testing, as well as mental health & well-being.

Dr Julia Piper

Dr Piper has been practicing medicine for over 35 years. She loves working with her patients on an on-going basis to get to the root cause of chronic and complex illnesses. Dr Piper is well-versed in traditional and functional medicine and is an avid researcher to stay on top of the latest medical innovations and tests.

Nurse Consultations

Nurse consultations may be booked for 15mins, 30mins, 45mins or 1 hr appointments, although the majority of appointments are for 15mins or 30mins.

Our Practice Nurses carry out a range of services including:

You are unique and we are ready to listen

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